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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are witnessing a huge growth rate. It is due to the fact that they caught the attention of mainstream investors in early 2017. As more people are investing, the IRS is gearing up for Crypto Capital Gains taxes as well.

Most of the cryptocurrency investors are unaware of the fact that income from Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency is taxable. They think that they are exempted from taxes due to “like-kind” exchange rule of section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. The IRS is, however, finalizing details of how it will apply the tax code to Cryptocurrencies, but it definitely will, and that’s why you need Crypto accounting and bookkeeping services from tax professionals.

At Happy Tax, we have a team of highly qualified tax professionals who are specially trained in the rules and regulations of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency taxes. So, contact us now if you’re looking for professionals to handle your Cryptocurrency capital gains taxes.

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